The Intimacy Prenuptial Agreement is designed to address unrealistic expectations, harmful and dysfunctional relationship patterns at the beginning of your relationship, engagement, or marriage, so that relationship distress has NO CHANCE to develop. The Intimacy Prenup will help you identify your main relationship issues and patterns that pose the most difficulty for you – and then provide proper pathways to positive relationship change – so that you can achieve both SATISFACTION and LONG-TERM STABILITY in your relationship.


  • Your divorce can be predicted before your marriage?
  • Initial happiness (satisfaction) in your relationship does not necessarily lead to stability or longevity in your relationship?
  • Unrealistic expectations at the beginning of the relationship lead to disillusionment once the realities of the relationship become apparent? (IPA will help couples address the most common unrealistic expectations present in the marriage.)
  • The meanings that partners attribute to key emotionally-laden terms such as “communication,” “resolving conflict,” “love,” “support,” “loyalty,” and a multitude of others, play a substantial role in how the relationship develops? (IPA will help couples create consensual meanings for these key relationship ideas).
  • Dysfunctional and harmful expectations and relationship patterns developed at the beginning of your relationship remain very stable throughout your engagement and marriage?
  • Marital therapy after dysfunctional patterns are in place and satisfaction already compromised is often insufficient to reverse damage?
  • Making the expectations explicit understanding and attention to these dysfunctional expectations and patterns as soon as possible can successfully halt the damage to the relationship?
  • New, positive patterns of relating can be easily learned and implemented, leading to both satisfaction and stability?

The at-home workbook version of The Intimacy Prenup is set to launch by end-of-summer 2015. In the meantime, you can identify and move through the specific trouble spots in your relationship by contacting Dr. Marla at 954-300-1818 to schedule an appointment.