By Harriet Sharaf, CHt CLC

What is reality really? Is reality how we believe and perceive things to be? Does our reality become the out picturing of what we think and see in our minds eye? It seems to me that there are enough studies out there to make the most skeptical person relate to the idea that “thoughts become things.”

Take the placebo effect for example. Why do you think that it works? It’s because the mind thinks and believes that they have received a cure, and the body adjusts accordingly. Then there is the nocebo effect. That happens when you read the insert in the medicine box and begin to suffer all of the negative side effects that are listed as possibilities. It’s been proven that people will experience this even if they are given a totally harmless substance. It’s all in the expectation.
What is your mind expecting to happen? Are our beliefs, which were formed from the past, either by our experience or by what somebody told us to be true, constantly recreating our future – because that is what we expect and visualize will occur.

Did you know that many athletes use visualization to improve their skills? Even if they don’t move a muscle while they are using their imagination in this way, they experience noticeable improvement in their skill. Tiger Woods has used visualization since he was a young boy, visualizing his swing and seeing the ball go exactly where he wants it to go.

Jim Carrey tells the story of how when he was broke and just starting out in Hollywood he wrote himself a $10MilllionDollar Check. He post dated it and on the bottom on the memo line he wrote “for services rendered”. He placed the check in his wallet and he looked at it every day. He saw himself as he wanted to be and six months before the date on the check, he was paid that amount of money for a film that he stared in.

What about you? Is there something you want to change? Something you want to bring in to your life? A situation you want to let go of or expand or improve?

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Hypnotic Visualization for Success & Wellbeing

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Here’s hoping that you only create your heart’s desire.


Harriet Sharaf, CHt CLC

Certified Hypnotist & Visualization Coach