Question:  What is a Movement?

Answer:  A Movement is a self-contained work separated by silence within a larger work.  Usually, each Movement is distinguishable by its tempo, key, rhythmical patterns, and harmonization.

I had begun writing this blog thinking that I would use “Days” to mark time in my foray into the social media world, and these Days would move in a temporal, forward fashion.  In my mind, I would progress from one Day to the next in a linear way: having achieved that previous progress from the prior Day, then building upon that day, in a step-wise pattern.

Logical.  Easy.  I got this.

Here I was thinking that this whole process of creating an online identity is formulaic.  Really, what’s the big deal here?  I just have to figure out the “trick,” the pattern, to doing this social media stuff.  No worries, mon…  Just get a whole bunch of people to follow me on Twitter; get my LinkedIn account up and running; write a blog that a whole bunch of my now-large and ever-increasing number of Twitter followers will read and turn their followers on to, and their followers will then become my followers, who will love me so much they want to connect with me; set-up a really cool website that my followers… (at this point, I’m calling them “my” peeps) … that my peeps will want to use for valuable, yet unidentified and undefined services that will change their lives; and through all this and some other (unidentified and undefined) stuff I’ll do as part of my new-found flow, I will wind up living a cohesive, harmonious, passionate life, doing only the work I love to do, while attracting health and wealth like nobody’s business, both literally and figuratively.

AND, through this process of figuring out the formula for developing my successful online identity, I’ll find out what I’m really about – the “Real Me” – which will further perpetuate a positive spiral of change, which positive spiral will further perpetuate a positive spiral of change, ad infinitum.  And I’ll be there!  Right where I want to be!

But, sadly… no.  As I write this, my stomach hurts (not a reference to today’s “Movement”).  I feel a tightness in my chest.  I haven’t been sleeping well over the past few days.  In that state between wakefulness and sleep, visions of Twitterdom dance in my head – and not in a magical way.  I am feeling stuck in the process.  Without movement.  I’ve even allowed seepage of thoughts of backward movement to enter my consciousness.  I got no groove.

What does this mean about me?  My value?  My work?  My contribution?  My purpose?


If a Movement is a self-contained work separated by silence within a larger work, I’m in that space between.

And you know what I just realized as a Truth about me?  That, although I’m extremely uncomfortable with not knowing the answers to the questions here (any questions, really), and I don’t like being in that space between, where I don’t know exactly where I’m headed, I am not afraid.

I know everything’s going to be okay.

When you think about it: isn’t the silence, then, just as much a part of the Movement as the sound?

Isn’t the silence just as critical as the sound?

I know exactly where I am now.  I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be.

I’m in the Movement.